Wrongful Death Lawsuits After a Fatal Motorcycle Crash

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When drivers don’t pay attention on the road, they pose an especially large danger to motorcyclists. If you have lost a loved in a motorcycle accident, you and your family may have the option to file a claim for damages.

While you may do so without legal representation, you deserve to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney handle the intricacies of the claim while your family grieves. At Zinda Law Group, our experienced wrongful death lawyers can investigate the motorcycle accident, file for medical and police records, negotiate with the insurance company, and if necessary take your case to court.

If your loved one has recently passed away in a motorcycle crash and you are looking to file a wrongful death claim, please call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation with an experienced and compassionate wrongful death lawyer.

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death?

“Wrongful death” specifically means a death caused by another person’s negligence or willful act. Following a family member’s wrongful death, next of kin, which includes children, spouses, and parents, have the option to speak for their loved one and seek damages in court.

If you are next of kin to someone who passed away in a motorcycle accident and you believe that it may have been a wrongful death, there are a few things that you need to know before filing a claim.

Will the Insurance Company Help?

The last thing you should have to worry about after a loved one has died is arguing with an insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, insurance companies know that you are in a vulnerable state and will use that to try and convince you to settle for less than you are owed.

While it may seem like a wrongful death case is cut and dry, insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to limit your recovery. Reaching out to a motorcycle accident attorney for something as simple as a free case evaluation can help to take some of the burden off of you so you can focus on what really matters: your family.

One of the benefits of working with an experienced wrongful death attorney is that they will know how to frame the conversation based on which insurance company they are speaking with.

All insurance companies want the same thing: to settle for the least amount of money possible.  However, different adjusters go about negotiations in different ways. At Zinda Law Group, we know this, and we will fight for you as if you are our family.

What Can I Recover?

The purpose of bringing a wrongful death lawsuit is to compensate the surviving family members and beneficiaries. This compensation can cover financial loss, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

These damages can help to cover the expenses accumulated from preparing for a loved one’s funeral as well as to reconcile the loss of future earnings and try and give some monetary relief to the suffering family.

Many jurisdictions include a legal provision accounting for survival actions on wrongful death cases. This means that a wrongful death claim can include damages suffered by the decedent due to the accident before death, in addition to the damages suffered by next of kin.

Survival action only arises in cases where the decedent did not die immediately after the accident. In motorcycle cases this is less common, as the highly dangerous nature of motorcycle accident makes it extremely likely that the decedent died shortly after the crash.

Get Help from Empathetic Nationwide Wrongful Death Attorneys

At Zinda Law Group, our wrongful death lawyers understand how difficult it can be to pursue a legal claim after the death of a family member in a motorcycle accident. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you build the strongest case possible and to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve under the law.

We also believe you should never have to worry about being able to afford excellent legal representation. We offer free consultations, and as one of our clients, you will pay nothing unless we achieve a favorable settlement, judgment, or verdict for your case. That’s our No Fee Guarantee.

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