What If the Person Responsible for a Wrongful Death Is a Minor?

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When your loved one dies tragically in an accident, you are bound to have questions. In addition to the emotional turmoil and overwhelming grief, you will also have logistical questions.

If someone was at fault for the death, you may want to see that they are held responsible. However, what happens when the guilty party is actually a minor?

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Responsibility for Actions and Accidents

When someone willfully harms another person, society holds that person responsible for their crimes. However, an accident caused by a negligent or careless individual can also lead to death.

“Wrongful death” is defined as the taking of a life resulting from a willful or negligent act. Even if the death resulted from a tragic accident, the party that caused the accident can still be held responsible. This law holds true even when the responsible party is actually a minor.

Insurance Claims

In the case of automobile accidents caused by minor drivers, the family of the deceased can work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Provided the minor was carrying proper insurance, the company should cover the damages and wrongful death up to the policy limits.

Unfortunately, those limits may not be high enough to cover the damages, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of companionship, and other expenses. Because of this, it may be in your best interest to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Civil Liability for Providing Alcohol to Minors

State laws concerning underage drinking are very strict. A person providing alcohol to a minor in their care is committing a crime, and they can be held responsible if an intoxicated teen in their care damages someone’s property, harms themselves, or commits an act that results in the death of another person. If a teenager who was driving drunk caused the accident, then you can sue either the teen’s parents or the adult who supplied the teen with alcohol.

Sometimes, though, the law is not clear in this case. While you can sue the parents if they were negligent in controlling the child’s actions, people may not be free to sue the parents if they have been responsible and could not have prevented the incident. In some cases, the minor may face criminal charges and be tried as an adult. In this case, the lawsuit may go directly against the minor.

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