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The death of a loved one is a difficult time. When such an unfortunate event is caused by the negligent actions of another, emotions can be magnified. Under these circumstances, the right wrongful death attorney can help ease the stress of negotiating a settlement or pursuing a lawsuit. But how do you find the best wrongful death attorney for your case?

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After you’ve decided to seek an attorney for your wrongful death case, the first thing to consider in your search is their experience. An competent attorney will often resolve your case in less time and with better outcomes than someone learning as they go. But not all experience is created equal. Just because an attorney has been practicing law for decades does not mean they are experienced dealing with a case similar to yours.

There are numerous circumstances that could lead to a wrongful death, and as a result, wrongful death cases can be very complex. Additionally, just because an attorney typically deals with one type of wrongful death claim does not mean they are experienced or prepared to take on a case just because it falls into the broad category of wrongful death.

When searching for an attorney, check reviews online and navigate their website to see what type of cases they normally take. You will find that there are wrongful death attorneys who specialize in automobile accidentstruck and 18-wheeler accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and the list goes on. You want to find an attorney who specializes in wrongful deaths resulting from circumstances similar to your case.


Once you have a list of experienced attorneys, look into their reputations. A general Google search is a good place to start, but it should not encompass all of your research.

Check out Avvo, an attorney rating service, to see what others have to say about the attorney. If you have friends in the legal community, ask what they have heard about that attorney. By contacting your state bar, you will be able to find out if any grievances have been filed against them.

Besides bad client reviews, it is important to watch out for an attorney who advertises that they can receive a settlement for every one or promises a certain amount of recovery.

Contact the Attorney’s Office

Once you have a short list, schedule a free consultation. Now it is time to trust your gut feeling and see if this is someone you are comfortable with. Wrongful death cases can take a long time, so it is important to find someone that is a good fit for both your case and for you. Go in prepared with some questions.

Pursuing a wrongful death claim can be overwhelming and challenging. Having the right attorney will help relieve the anxiety as you seek compensation. Remember, you want to choose an attorney experienced in cases like yours, but especially one you are comfortable with, that is on your side throughout the process.

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