Case Results

18-Wheeler Truck Accident / Surgery

Overloaded 18-Wheeler Spills Cargo
18-wheeler driver was overloaded and driving too fast on an overpass. His trailer capsized, resulting in 200 pound PVC pipes to fall over the edge of the overpass 100 feet below onto other cars and pedestrians. Multiple pipes hit our client, who needed a cervical fusion to recover from her injuries. Zinda Law Group was able to recover more than four times the client’s medical expenses.

18-Wheeler / Stopped on Roadway / Multiple Surgeries

18-Wheeler Blocking Lane Causes Catastrophic Crash
A driver of an 18-wheeler illegally left their vehicle in the roadway blocking a lane of traffic on a dark road without lighting, making it near impossible to see for other vehicles driving on the roadway. An unsuspecting driver approaching the truck ran into the back of it causing catastrophic injuries. The driver underwent several surgeries and nearly lost their life. The trucking company and their insurer initially denied responsibility. Zinda Law Group immediately filed suit after being hired and was able to make a recovery for our client several times their medical bills.

Commercial Truck / Cargo Truck / Multiple Surgeries

Commercial Vehicle Makes Illegal Turn
A commercial vehicle carrying a load of several tons of cargo, illegally made a turn causing a collision with another vehicle. The passengers in the vehicle sustained catastrophic injuries which led to multiple surgeries and an extended stay in the hospital. Initially the truck company placed the blame on the victims. The injured drivers hired Zinda Law Group. Zinda Law Group immediately filed suit and was able to resolve the case within a year for several times the economic damages sustained by the Clients.

18-Wheeler / Traumatic Brain Injury

Truck Driver Over Service Hours Causes Crash
An 18-wheeler truck was driving down a major interstate and rear-ended another vehicle catastrophically injuring one of the passengers in the vehicle. The person injured spent several weeks in the hospital and required multiple surgeries. Initially the trucking company denied responsibility for the wreck. The victim hired Zinda Law Group and immediately did an inspection of the truck. It was discovered the driver had been over their hours of service as well had several portions of the truck out of maintenance. Zinda Law Group filed suit and aggressively pursued the case taking several depositions and hiring experts. Several weeks prior to trial the Defendants relented settling the case for several times the medical bills of the Client.

18 Wheeler – Truck Accident / Broken Neck

Accident Caused by Texting Truck Driver
Our client was struck by a semi-truck running a red light at nearly 70 mph. Our client had to be extracted from the vehicle by first responders, and suffered several broken ribs, a broken neck, broken jaw, and internal organ damage. We were able to show through social media posts from the truck driver along with cell phone records that the crash happened while the truck driver was texting. Our attorneys were able to secure compensation that covered our client’s medical bills, as well as additional compensation for potential future expenses, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Truck Accident / Traumatic Brain Injury

Truck Driver Forges Log Books
An 18-wheel trucker rear-ended our client on a major interstate. The truck driver claimed that our client cut in front of him and slammed on her brakes immediately. Distressed by the false accusation, our client hired Zinda Law Group. In discovery we matched the driver’s log books with gas receipts and were able to show the truck driver had logged that he was driving in one place at the same time as he made purchases several hundred miles away. Our innovative and aggressive approached forced the trucking company to fully compensate our client for their injuries including medical bills, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Commercial Truck Accident / Fractured Skull

Proved Truck Driver Improperly Drove Vehicle
A large commercial truck pulled out of a private drive and attempted to make a turn directly in front of our client. Because of inclement weather and the failure of the truck driver to properly yield the right-of-way, a violent collision occurred causing our client’s vehicle to crash and caused significant damage. The client sustained a traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones including a fractured skull. Police officers faulted our client, but through discovery we were able to show that the truck driver was improperly driving his vehicle and failed to follow department of transportation regulations. Our investigation and aggressive discovery tactics led to the insurer of the trucking company to fully compensate our client for the harm that had been caused.

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