Wrongful Death Attorney Fees


Losing a loved one due to a wrongful death is hard enough. Zinda Law Group believes you shouldn’t have to worry about expensive attorney fees on top of your loss. That is why you won’t pay any us a cent unless we win your case.  

Our experienced wrongful death attorneys are here to help you and your family through this difficult time. Call (800) 863-5312 to speak with a Zinda Law Group attorney today for a free consultation. Our knowledgeable lawyers may guide you through the legal process and help you to seek the maximum compensation available in your case.


Wrongful death attorney fees will vary from case to case.  There are also different ways a lawyer may agree to charge fees.  For example, some attorneys may require an upfront retainer, while others will only accept compensation after they have won your case.  Always make sure to discuss attorney fees before hiring an attorney.  Below are some examples of how much a wrongful death attorney may cost in your case.  

What Does a Wrongful Death Attorney Cost?

If you are thinking of bringing a wrongful death claim, you may be wondering how much hiring an attorney will cost.  Although we cannot guarantee an exact cost for any case, we can guarantee that you do not pay us anything unless we win your case.

Each case is unique.  The exact cost of a wrongful death attorney depends on several factors such as the complexity of your case and the time and resources that would need to be spent on it.

When you call a Zinda Law Group attorney, they may assess your case and give you a better idea of how much attorney fees may cost you.  There are many ways an attorney may collect their fee.  For example, some work on a contingency fee basis, some attorneys charge hourly rates, and some require a fixed payment plan.

“No Win No Fee” or “Contingency Fee” Lawyers

“No Win, No Fee” is also referred to as a “contingency fee.”  This means that if a contingency fee lawyer does not win your case, you do not pay any attorney fees or related costs.  In other words, your obligation to pay attorney fees is contingentupon a successful outcome of your case.

Zinda Law Group wrongful death attorneys are contingency fee lawyers. Therefore, you are not obligated to pay any fees, expenses, or costs associated with your case unless we negotiate a settlement or win a jury verdict on your behalf.

Further, we believe that a “No Win, No Fee” agreement provides an additional incentive for the attorney to resolve the case quickly and successfully.  Zinda Law Group attorneys do not take a fee unless we are able to get you compensation in your lawsuit.  This drives our attorneys to work more strategically, more aggressively, and more competitively on every case we take.

Without a contingency fee arrangement, many accident victims and their loved ones would not be able to afford a lawyer to fight for them when they need it most.  Our goal with our wrongful death contingency fee agreement is to provide quality legal representation to our clients without the stress of our clients having to pay legal fees up front.  Losing a loved one is hard enough.  You should not have to worry about the added stress of immediate legal fees as well.  

Hourly Payments

Many attorneys charge their clients an hourly rate.  This means that the client is charged a fixed amount of money per hour the lawyer works on their case.  No matter how much time or money is spent on a case, there is no guarantee that there will be a successful outcome.  Further, there is no guarantee that the attorney will bill his or her time wisely.  Wrongful death attorney fees, if billed hourly, can become very expensive very quickly. That is why Zinda Law Group attorneys are only paid if we win your case.

Fixed Payment Plans

With a fixed payment plan, the client and the attorney agree to a certain amount of money to be paid in installments.  For example, if you owe $12,000 total, an attorney may agree that you can pay $1,000 each month for one year.

A lawyer who agrees to a fixed payment plan is paid no matter if they win or lose the case.  On the other hand, an attorney who works on a contingent basis is only paid if they successfully win your case.


The average attorney fees for a wrongful death claim may vary, depending on the size and complexity of the case. Further, some states have established a sliding scale or upper limit on the contingency fee an attorney may collect for a wrongful death settlement.

For many law firms, the percentage to be charged depends on how the case is resolved. For example, you may have to pay a higher percentage of your recovery if your case does not settle and must go to trial. Most contingency fee agreements award the attorney between 33 and 40% of the overall compensation amount.

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As explained above, there are numerous ways an attorney fee can be charged.  An attorney may charge you by the hour, in installments, or they may charge you by the success of the case.  At Zinda Law Group, our attorneys only charge you if we have successfully won compensation in your case.  Therefore, you are not charged an hourly rate, but rather your attorney’s fees are taken out of the gross recovery from the case.

There is no upfront payment to hire a Zinda Law Group attorney.  Our firm will front all the necessary legal costs in your lawsuit.  If we do not win your case, you will not pay any fees, expenses, or costs associated with your wrongful death lawsuit.


Many types of costs and expenses may be incurred during a case.  If your case is especially time-consuming or complex, your fees will most likely be higher.  Below are some examples of typical wrongful death attorney fees:

Administrative Expenses

Administrative costs are typically minor, but they may increase significantly if your case goes to court. These costs may include travel, postage, or office maintenance.

Investigation Costs

With any wrongful death case, there may be necessary investigation costs. Examples of investigation costs may be police or medical reports, or possibly a private investigator.

Expert Witnesses

In many wrongful death cases, it may be necessary to hire one or more expert witnesses.  These witnesses may need to review any relevant evidence and provide their opinion as to how the death occurred.  An expert witness may also be asked to write a report or testify in a deposition.

An experienced attorney may give you a better idea of how much your case may cost, but all cases are different and unforeseen complexities may arise after your case begins.  


If you believe you might have a wrongful death case, you should call Zinda Law Group immediately and set up a free consultation.  Our knowledgeable attorneys may discuss the details of your case, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the next steps in seeking compensation for the loss of your loved one.

After the initial consultation, an attorney may wish to discuss your case further.  If we believe we can be of service in your case, we may wish to set up a second meeting either in our office or remotely over the phone.  If you believe you need assistance in a wrongful death lawsuit, contact us today for your 100% free consultation.


Our wrongful death attorneys are here to help you and your family through this very difficult time in your lives. We believe our clients should never have to worry about affording high-quality legal representation. That is why you do not pay us any attorney fees or costs unless we win your wrongful death lawsuit.

Zinda Law Group attorneys help clients get the compensation they deserve for their wrongful death lawsuit. We have the experience and resources necessary to help guide you through the legal process. We negotiate on behalf of our clients and may even go to court for you if a settlement cannot be made.

If you have questions about your wrongful death lawsuit or attorney fees, contact our experienced wrongful death attorneys at Zinda Law Group. Call (800) 863-5312 as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation.

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